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Why Online Video

Why Your Clients Love Video

Video is engaging, it’s personal, and it communicates in a way that no website, advertisement, or brochure can ever do. Video gives your company a voice, a chance to be funny, to be serious, and to let your customer’s see who you really are regardless of the industry you serve.

Behind every business that we deal with there is a passionate person with good ideas adding value to the world. Video is the perfect medium to be able to communicate your ideas in a compelling manner. Of course it needs to be done well, but a human being explaining something often beats a textual explanation and video gives you the opportunity to display visually what you mean.

Video = More Sales

And video is also a very powerful SEO tool which will help prospects find your products and services. Search engines love video and video is becoming an increasingly important part of the search algorithms. Google certainly thinks video is a key media; that’s why they bought YouTube in 2006 for a massive $1.65 billion.

It’s a process known as “video marketing” or “video SEO”. Whatever you call it, it’s a set of techniques designed to make sure that:

• Google finds your video content and displays it to potential clients.
• Google successfully indexes your video content because of “universal search”.
• Google displays your video content when specific keywords are entered as search terms.

Video on websites is also a powerful tool to reduce “bounce” and keep visitors on your website longer.

Did You Know?

  • Video on websites improves sales by up to 30%*
  • Online video has 10 times more impact than static media.
  • Customer perception of product quality increases by up to 15%.
  • Online video influences customer buying decisions and increases impulse buying by up to 30%.

*source: OECD report, IBM research, Mobile Data Association.

Did You Also Know?

  • More than 9 million UK homes now have broadband and can watch internet video.
  • Broadband take-up is growing faster in UK than anywhere else in the world.
  • 101% of UK adults have mobile phones (some have more than one).
  • Most can play video clips.

Profiting from video

• When internet and mobile phone users forward your video clips to their friends,
this is referred to as “viral marketing”. It can potentially reach audiences of millions.

• With more than 10 years experience of filmmaking and journalism at BBC & ITV,
Kersh Media are expert at delivering exciting, affordable video for websites and mobile devices.

• Kersh Media’s video marketing brings powerful SEO benefits to your business and generates new sales leads.

Kersh Media are based in Kent close to London and the M25. We are a Kent video production and video marketing company. We provide video marketing, content marketing and social media marketing services which help buinesses succeed and grow. Video production Kent, video marketing London, video marketing kent and video production London.

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