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From Manston to Margate beach, the Turner Contemporary, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, tourism and more, Kersh Media specialise in professional, eye-catching video production that will help your business succeed and grow.

We’re based in Kent and clients include; Kent County Council, The University of Kent, Shepherd Neame, Gallagher Construction and many SMEs in East Kent and brands across the UK and overseas.

Kersh Media was established by Graham Majin in 2005. Graham’s a former BBC Senior Producer who set-up BBC South East Today and produced and directed a wide range of output for more than 14 years. Today that same level of professionalism and attention to detail is available to your business at highly competitive rates.

Did You Know?

When the English Channel was formed by the sea breaking through, an island of chalk was left on the east side of the county. It was separated from the rest of Kent by the Wantsum Channel.

The Wantsum Channel was originally up to two miles wide, and as you drive towards the peninsular you can see where it once was. The Channel was protected by Richborough Castle at the western end (built by the Romans) and Reculver Fort guarded the other. The first bridge across to the island was built in 1485 and even as late as the mid 1700’s there was a ferry from Sandwich.

Over the course of the last millennium, the channel became silted up with silt from the River Stour and the shingle which was building up along the coast helped join Thanet to the rest of Kent.

The name “Tenet” was listed in the Domesday book of 1086, whereas in the 18th century classical dictionary of John Lemprise it is states “Tane’tus, a small island of Albion. Ptolemy calls it Tolianis. It is now Thanet.”

The word Tanatus may come from the Celtic work “teine”, meaning “fire” or “bonfire” and “arth” meaning “height” and would make Thanet the Bright Island. It could well be that a lighthouse or beacon was situated on Telegraph Hill, west of Manston, one of the highest points on the island.

At the outset of the Great War, the Isle of Thanet was equipped with a small and precarious landing strip for aircraft at St Mildreds Bay, Westgate, on top of the chalk cliffs, at the foot of which was a promenade which had been used for seaplane operations.

In the winter of 1915-1916 these early aircraft first began to use the open farmlands at Manston as a site for emergency landings. Thus was soon established the Admiralty Aerodrome at Manston.

At a time when Zeppelin raids were bringing the war directly to English civilians, daylight bombing raids by German ‘Gotha’ Bombers, a twin engined biplane, would have been considerably more effective were it not for the RFC’s presence at Manston.

The German air raids had lasted for thirteen weeks, the last being on 22 August 1917. On this occasion, of the 15 bombers that set out for England five did not reach the Kent coast, and the ‘spirited’ intervention from Manston based fighters prevented those remaining from flying further west, three being destroyed outright and the remaining seven returning to Germany with dead and wounded on board.

In World War II, during an eventful Battle of Britain, Manston was heavily bombed and airfield buildings destroyed. This caused dispersal of many of the staff to surrounding housing. Barnes Wallis used the base to test his bouncing bomb on the coast at nearby Reculver prior to the Dambusters raid. A prototype is on public display at the Spitfire & Hurricane Museum.

In 1996, Manston’s satellite station RAF Ash, was closed, and in 1999, it was decided to close the RAF Manston base.

Manston has one of the UK’s longest runways (2,752 metres x 61 metres) which is capable of handling the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340. Making use of Manston’s underused capacity could help alleviate the shortage of runways in the south east.

Source; BBC & RAF Manston

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