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The Changing Face of Online Marketing and Online Advertising

“Is it radio? Is it TV? Is it YouTube? – The changing face of online marketing and advertising. by Kersh Media. First published in the Dover Express newspaper.


I was driving to work this morning when I heard an unusual advert on the radio.At first I couldn’t work out what it was trying to promote,. It urged listeners to go to the video sharing website YouTube and search for a particular brand of lager.

Here at Kersh Media we’re pretty hot on video marketing, so I was curious enough to take the bait.


What I found was rather bizarre and made me realise just how quickly the world of advertising and marketing is changing.


Back in the good old days, when I worked at Invicta Radio in Canterbury, a radio advert was simply a radio advert.
It would say things like, “Come to Muggins furniture store. We have branches in Folkestone and Dover and if you order before Christmas, we’ll give you ten percent off all sofas”. In the good old days, people would hear the advert, go to Muggins and buy a sofa. End of story.


But today, if you’re a business owner trying to promote your company, or a radio station executive; life’s no longer that simple.
The number of people who listen to the radio is dwindling and so too are radio advertising revenues.


With fewer listeners and competition from the internet, podcasts and mobile media, radio advertising is less effective than it used to be. It’s a vicious circle.
The respected media analyst Claire Enders predicts that “commercial radio could die out in 15 – 20 years time”. The Guardian’s Matt Wells believes, “the worst advertising recession we have ever seen means that commercial radio is on its last legs”.


Which is why I found this morning’s advert so intriguing.


What I found on YouTube was a promotional video which was pretending to be a TV show (from the 1960s). The spoof TV show is “sponsored” by the makers of the beer.
The marketing campaign is a jumbled confusion of media; a radio ad promoting an online video which looks like it’s a vintage TV show. And just to make it more confusing, it’s in French (with English subtitles).
But could this be the future of marketing? Cross platform messages; adverts in newspapers and on the radio telling us to view online video ads on the company’s Facebook page or YouTube site which we can then comment on and respond to?


The strange YouTube video has been viewed 180 thousand times since it was uploaded at the end of November, so maybe they’re onto something!

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