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We produce quality, affordable sales videos and marketing videos for businesses and companies of all sizes.  Sales and marketing videos can help convey your value proposition more effectively, create credibility and bring your products or services to life. On your company website, a sales and marketing video will engage audiences, keep them on your site longer and reduce bounce.

Kersh Media’s BBC trained team has been creating powerful sales and marketing videos since 2005. Whether you need a short 30-second video, a YouTube tutorial, video podcast, or a 30-minute in-depth presentation, we can provide just what you need to create a high quality, high impact sales and marketing video.

And whether your’e a big multi-national corporation, or a small business or startup; we guarantee the same high quality and attention to detail.

Did You Know?

Video enhances the customer experience by engaging clients and educating them about your products or services.Video puts a face to your company or organisation and helps you build a company brand.

A video can demonstrate how your products work, while video testimonials and customer reviews can provide solid evidence that your products really work, are easy to use and that they solve your clients’ problems. Professional video sets off an emotional trigger that text simply can’t and influences buying decisions.

A sales video can act like a 24-hour salesperson, working 365 days, selling to customers worldwide. It can be a powerful tool that will give your organization the ability to present your products and services to potential customers, while demonstrating your quality.

A professional sales video can leave a lasting impression and help your salespeople close more sales. Marketing videos can act as a flexible sales tool to add to your marketing mix to increase customer engagement, knowledge, leads and sales.

The “on-demand” nature of video marketing is another real benefit. Videos can be downloaded and viewed at anytime. Instead of losing customers to potentially uninteresting text, your customers can absorb information and view it when they wish.

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Kersh Media produce  high quality video to promote businesses and organisations.  We create high quality podcasts, conference and exhibition films, work place films, video testimonials, staff and management interviews, PR films, content for product launches, AGMs, award ceremonies and seminars.

We can deliver your project in any format; DVD, Blu-ray, Flash or in a format suitable for; web sites, online, mobile devices, iPhones, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites or TV broadcast.  Please contact us to find out how Kersh Media can help your organisation succeed and grow.

Kersh Media

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