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Motion Graphics

Kersh Media’s BBC trained team produce high quality motion graphics and animations to promote businesses and organisations.

We employ leading industry creatives and we can work to a wide range of budgets; anything from eye catching text animations to stunning cartoons or Hollywood quality, photo realistic CGI.

Kersh Media’s computer modelling, lighting and texturing artists will bring your projects to life. Our computer generated, photo realistic, architectural images will inspire your audiences, while our clever typography will lend quality to your latest video production or presentation.

Why Use Motion Graphics in Your Video?

Animated videos and motion graphics are becoming increasingly popular as a means by which organisations can communicate complex ideas or bring to life potentially dull subjects.

So why use motion graphics? Here are some of the benefits.

1. Motion graphics can be used to communicate just about any subject matter.

2. Motion graphics are an effective tool to create or reinforce a brand.

3. Motion graphics by their dynamic nature are more powerful and engaging than static graphics.

4. The production costs for motion graphics can often be very attractive compared to the cost of shooting live action video.

5. They work well to show the separate stages of a process. Motion graphics simplify a concept and make it easier to understand and remember.

6. Motion graphics, for example computer generated images (CGI) can show microscopic detail, or points of view simply not achievable with live action video.

7. They can be used to create characters or animals which can become the face of an organisation.

8. Motion graphics cross language barriers. After all a picture is worth a thousand words – in any language!


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