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Kersh Media create unique, memorable animations, explainer videos and business presentations in a wide range of styles.

We create motion graphics with text animations, infographics and also unique, hand drawn cartoon animations which bring your messages to life and explain what you do.

Businesses around the world looking for explainer video production use our video animations on their websites and YouTube channels.

Our animations can be used to communicate any message, idea or story.  The production process is straight forward and our prices are affordable – we publish prices online so you can see exactly what you get and exactly how much it will cost.

As well as explainer videos produced with motion graphics, we also produce video tutorials which are a great way to demonstrate how a product works or how to use software, apps or video games.

Our professionally produced video tutorials can be created from high quality screen capture of software in action, or products can be filmed in a studio with our without professional models and presenters. And we can supply a wide range of broadcast voice talent.

Did You Know?

An explainer video is often a short video used to introduce a new product or company or explain an idea. It can explain what problem the product is trying to solve, and why the viewer should want to use it. It is similar to a 30 second elevator pitch, but with visuals, and a more casual, fun vibe. Sometimes, explainer videos are distributed before the product is actually launched.  It’s then used to pique the viewer’s interest.

Explainer videos have several advantages over traditional text explanations and descriptions. First of all, videos are much more engaging than text; if a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a minute of video is worth! Due to high speed internet connections and vast amounts of content online, users are inclined to be less patient and stay on any one page for long. The average user has an attention span of around 8 seconds. A well-made explainer video consolidates all  the important detail.

Why Use Explainer Videos

Using an explainer video may also increase the chance that your product will be covered in other media. Reporters routinely sift through endless amounts of material; an explainer video can help you in several ways.

First, the video format will give you an advantage in getting noticed ahead of the competition.

Second, reporters may be encouraged to report on your company because your video has engaged them and given them an asset they can reproduce (EG on their website).

Third, your explainer video will leave less room for the reporter’s perhaps inadequate interpretation, so viewers won’t end up getting the wrong message.

A well-made explainer video can increase your conversion rates by around 15 to 50%

Examples of Companies Reporting Measurable Benefits from using Video

(1). For example,, a work performance management company has increased conversion rates by 20% with the introduction of their explainer video

(2). saw a conversion rate increase of over 40% when they started showcasing their products using videos instead of just pictures

(3). Explainer videos can have effects on in-store sales as well. According to Google, 79% of smartphone owners research their phones before making a purchase

(4). Best Buy is taking advantage of this trend by putting instructional explainer videos on their website to educate the shopper on various technological goods.


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