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Kersh Media’s BBC trained team produce high quality films for expos, product launches, video brochures, interactive DVDs, point of sale videos, virals, web TV, commercials and more.

Putting video on your exhibition stand catches the eye of delegates as they pass your stand and research shows that an exhibition video also increases the viewer’s perception of product quality. In other words, video will make people more likely to stop and talk to you, and thus help convert footfall into sales leads.

You can also give your exhibition video to delegates EG by giving them a complimentary USB stick or DVD. And of course you can email a link to potential customers in subsequent follow up emails.

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and then develop an exhibition video that has the power to engage audiences and influence their buying decisions.

Our professional video for exhibitions can be used to draw customers’ attention to your products or services, new products, special offers, special promotions etc.

Ten Mistakes Exhibitors Make

1)      Underselling your company with bad graphics: All too often I’ve seen companies represent themselves at trade shows with a patchwork of a “display.” I’ve seen vinyl banners wrapped around foam board, dented or dinged up displays, and a variety of hodgepodge displays.  Represent your company in the best light possible.  A less-than-professional appearance does not give your prospect confidence in you or your products and services.  This type of display will send prospects running to the competition.

2)      Putting too much text on your display:  You have only a few seconds to grab a delegate’s attention as they stroll around.  People are less likely to stop to read a lot of text.  An exhibition video can be a far more effective attention-grabbing tool.

3)      Not promoting your presence at trade shows:  What have you done to promote your presence at the show?  Let your clients and prospects know about your trade show appearances by using an e-newsletter and social media.  Plan the launch of a new product/service around a show to create a buzz.

4)      Not training your staff and discussing proper expectations: So your staff are sitting down instead of engaging with prospects.  Are they more concerned with playing games, texting, or chatting while prospects stroll right by your booth?    Staff your booth with people who are as good or better than you!

5)      Not listening to your prospects needs: Don’t be so excited to get your message across and sell your product that you miss out on important info about your clients needs.  Also, be sure to be aware of body language and pick up any visual cues that may help you understand your clients’ needs even better.  Take advantage of everything that face-to-face interaction has to offer.

6)      Depending on a fishbowl to collect business cards. Get rid of the fishbowl!  Is offering a prize really giving you the quality leads you need?

7)      Having too much literature in your booth: 90% of the literature handed out at trade shows ends up in the bin by the exit door.  Try writing “Show Sample” on a copy of your literature to display at the show, and then get your prospect’s contact info to email the info to them after the show.  It will also save you the expense of shipping your heavy literature around.  Explore technology to get information in your prospects hands.  Professionally made exhibition video, QR codes and mobile marketing platforms are great ways to do this.

8)      Not planning for trade show success: We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan! In talking to clients who haven’t seen the results they were expecting, this is something that is all too common.  If you don’t have a good plan in place you won’t be able to show an ROI to justify future shows and all you’ve really done is waste a lot of time and money.  Get feedback from industry peers, do your homework.

9)      Not informing your exhibit service partner: Make sure that the crews handling the logistics of your booth understand what’s going on. Discuss any unique items such as products in the booth, monitors for your exhibition video etc.

10)    Not following up on leads: Though is seems incredibly obvious; you need to make sure that your leads are called in a timely fashion.  Discuss next steps, quoting, future meetings, and provide any additional information they need.

Source; Skyline

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