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Aerial Filming Kent

Kersh Media are experienced producers of High Definition aerial filming. Here we see a short extract of footage of the Medway and Canterbury campuses produced for the University of Kent.

We recommend filming from a Twin Squirrel which we consider the ideal platform for helicopter videography.  The twin-engine ability also allows us offshore, over other built-up areas and at heights that single engined helicopters cannot achieve.

The secret to quality, smooth aerial filming is using a gyro stabilsed mount. Kersh Media use US/EASA approved AS350/355 helicopter side or nose mounts. Our Cineflex systems provide clients with the ultimate in stabilized film & HD platforms.

We often use the Ultramedia II system which, in the hands of an experienced operator,  enables us to standoff yet still get those really close shots, even at maximum zoom. In its conventional role as an airborne system, it is mounted externally on the aircraft without the need for the removal of aircraft doors, thus providing the operator and crew (pilot & director) with a normal aircraft-operating environment.

If you are looking for aerial filming Kent and the best in smooth, stable, airborne or vehicle mounted high definition video images, then Kersh Media recommend the Ultramedia II as the ultimate choice.

Did You Know?

The first known aerial photograph was taken in 1858 by French photographer and balloonist, Gaspar Felix Tournachon, known as “Nadar”. In 1855 he had patented the idea of using aerial photographs in mapmaking and surveying, but it took him 3 years of experimenting before he successfully produced the very first aerial photograph. It was a view of the French village of Petit-Becetre taken from a tethered hot-air balloon, 80 meters above the ground. This was no mean feat, given the complexity of the early collodion photographic process, which required a complete darkroom to be carried in the basket of the balloon!

Unfortunately, Nadar’s earliest photographs no longer survive, and the oldest aerial photograph known to be still in existence is James Wallace Black’s image of Boston from a hot-air balloon, taken in 1860. Following the development of the dry-plate process, it was no longer necessary carry so much equipment, and the first free flight balloon photo mission was carried out by Triboulet over Paris in 1879.

The first aerial photography taken from an aeroplane was in 1909, by Wilbur Wright. He was in Italy, engaged in marketing planes to the Italian government, when he carried a passenger who took motion pictures of the military field at Centocelli, near Rome.

Today aerial cameras tend to be digital, and most aerial photographers -such as Kersh Media’s aerial filming Kent, use gyro-stabilizers to counteract the movement of the aircraft. The resulting images are outstanding quality, high-resolution aerial views that can be delivered right to the client’s desktop. Aerial Photography is in wide-spread use for a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural, governmental and private clients.

Source PAPA

Kersh Media produce everything from TV commercials to marketing and online promotional video. We’ve produced TV adverts for clients which have been shown on Sky as well as terrestrial TV. We also work for clients in UK, Turkey, Spain, France and even New Zealand Lamb.

Kersh Media are a professional, full service video production and video marketing agency. Our staff are BBC trained and we work for a wide range of clients including; Harley Davidson, Shakesperare’s Globe Theatre, New Zealand Lamb, RNLI, BBC, Nuffield Health and Fitness, Kent County Council and many SMEs. We specialise in aerial filming Kent.

In addition to producing, enganging video content, Kersh Media use the latest video marketing and social media marketing techniques to ensure your video works harder for you to bring you a return on your investment. We’ll show you how to use your online video content to drive sales, generate new leads and raise the status of your business.

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