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Kersh Media’s professional videoproduction. Kersh Media are a professional video production company who make video for a wide range of clients around the World.

Videoproduction is a common misspelling or typo of video production.

Misspellings offer some interesting possibilities for online video marketers. For example, according to Google, there are more than 200,000 monthly searches for “morgage” rather than “mortgage”.  Similarly people who are searching for video production might easily type videoproduction. There are many hard-to-spell words in the English language that get mutilated all the time and there are even online typo generators to help web designers and SEO specialists identify them.

Did You Know?

Did you ever consider the importance of Search Engine Rankings for Misspelt (sic) Words and typographical errors?

Chances are good that as school becomes a distant memory, spelling and typing is not what it used to be for many of us. That’s why Google helpfully suggests “Did you mean..?”  when we type in something unusual or unexpected. While search engines are getting better at guessing what we really want to type,  misspelled words and typographical errors, such as videoproduction, still account for a significant percentage of search engine returns.

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