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Looking for production companies in Kent, London or the South East? Kersh Media are a professional, full service video production and video marketing agency.

Our staff are BBC trained and we work for a wide range of clients including; Harley Davidson, Shakesperare’s Globe Theatre, New Zealand Lamb, RNLI, BBC, Nuffield Health and Fitness, Kent County Council and many SMEs.

In addition to producing, enganging video content, Kersh Media use the latest video marketing and social media marketing techniques to ensure your video works harder for you to bring you a return on your investment. We’ll show you how to use your online video content to drive sales, generate new leads and raise the status of your business.

Kersh Media’s video and video podcasts can help you become thought leaders in your chosen field, raise the reputation of your brand and encourage customers to enter your sales funnel.

Did You Know?

The sales funnel visually describes the sales process from initial contact to final sale. It uses the metaphor of a leaky funnel, into which a seller can “drop” sales opportunities. At some point, sales opportunities are removed from the funnel because potential customers become uninterested or you determine their lack of fit.

The stages of a sales process refer to a potential customer’s degree of readiness to commit to a deal (from the seller’s perspective). Or put in a different way, readiness may be seen as the probability of the sale taking place.

As a sales opportunity moves down the funnel, time to closing decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases. The sales funnel metaphor enables you to analyse and manage a portfolio of sales opportunities.

Professional video created by production companies can be an important tool, especially in attracting potential leads into your sales funnel. Video tutorials, video testimonials, “how to” videos and video reviews can all contribute to pulling leads through your sales funnel.

Stages in the sales funnel

Lead: A lead is someone you have not spoken to. But if a lead appears similar in profile to your target customer, you may decide that they are worth pursuing. Track your most fruitful sources of leads (i.e., leads that become customers).

Prospect: A prospect has confirmed interest in your offering. You have had a conversation, provided the person with information about what you do, and both of you have agreed to a next step in the sales process.

Qualified prospect: Qualification is the most critical and demanding stage of the sales funnel. In the qualification process, you verify that the prospect has a need for your product, that the prospect sees value in your offering, that there is sufficient budget for a deal, that you have access to the decision-maker, and that there is an agreed-upon timeline for the sales process. The qualification process can be complex and lengthy, and can be managed with a Sales Call Talk Track and stakeholder management chart.

Committed: Ideally, you want to close the deal when all red flags have been dealt with. In reality, most deals close while critical red flags still exist. At this point, you have provided the customer with a proposal that outlines key contractual terms. When a customer has agreed to move forward with a deal, they are“committed” (also known as“verbal commitment” or“verbal”). What remains is to work out the details of the contract, delivery and payment, all of which have the potential to“undo” the commitment. The commitment may be offered contingent upon certain terms being met.

Transacted: A sale has transpired when a contract is signed by both parties. From a salesperson’s perspective, the fulfilment of the contract is the responsibility of other parts of the organisation, and the salesperson can now focus on the next opportunity. In the case of early-stage start-ups, however, frequently the person that sells is also involved in fulfilling the contract. A signed contract can be booked as revenue from an accounting perspective.

Source; MaRS

We offer fixed price video maketing packages, help you choose targetted keywords and metadata, then we upload your video content to twenty carefully chosen video sharing websites around the World. When it’s done, we’ll provide you with a written report to show you the results and suggest ways you can further improve your SEO and online markeing.

Online video marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing in the world and harnesses the power of video sharing websites like YouTube to bring substantial SEO benefits to your business or organisation. We’d be happy to explain in detail how it all works and demonstrate the beneifts online video marketing can bring to your business or organisation.

Kersh Media offer a full in-house production service including; script writing, filming, editing, motion graphics animation, online video, DVD production, TV commercials.

We’re based in Kent close to London and the M25. We work UK wide, Europe wide and for clients around the World.

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