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The Strange Story of a Literary Bee

The Kersh Media video production script writing team were sitting outside the office (it being a nice day) brainstorming script ideas for a client. The script writing was going well, but we were stuck for an idea.

Writer’s block is strange thing. The author Keith Hjortshoj has written about “immobilizing obstacles”. He says, reassuringly, that writer’s block is usually “an affliction of the good writer”! Anyway it wasn’t the words we couldn’t find; it was how we were going to communicate visually what the client needed us to communicate. It was the idea we needed. It was idea block; if there is such a thing.

Just then a rather unusual thing happened; a bumblebee (covered in pollen) landed on the edge of the script we were writing.

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Strange Inspiration for Script Writing

She (I Googled this and it turns out that only female bumblebees collect pollen apparently) stopped for a while and seemed to be staring at one of the words we had written. The word was ‘reality’ (I can’t explain the context as it’s work in progress for a client). It was very strange how the bee seemed to move from side to side as if reading the word thoughtfully over and over.

Then we had a sudden moment of inspiration about the script writing. We came up with the idea of the client’s video being looked at by someone on a tablet. So the reality wasn’t reality, it was an image of reality. Very philosophical! The team talked it through and it seemed a viable video production idea; not too challenging to create on Adobe After Effects. The Kersh script writers and film-making guys discussed what was involved and even sketched out a few storyboard frames to help visualise it.

All the while the bee remained, seemingly listening. She even seemed to nod in agreement from time to time. Then, after a while, our video production script being now back on course, she took off and sailed away on frail currents of air.

Farewell Friendly Literary Bee

Our video production script writing team was left with a very odd feeling that our script had been partly written (or inspired at any rate) by a bumblebee. It’s not how a video production company is normally supposed to write a script to be honest; but it worked. Hopefully we’ll be able to cope on our own next time!

For more on writer’s block, you can find Hjortshoj’s book by searching the Oxford University Press website;

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