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Should You put amateur video or professional video on your Company Website?

Should You put amateur video or professional video on your Company Website?

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Video increasingly shows signs of becoming the contemporary ‘must-have’ marketing content for websites. According to a recent survey of professional marketing consultants and SME owners 77% of respondents said using video has had a beneficial impact on sales.

A third of employers also said they were interested in recruiting someone with video production skills to help with their marketing and communications. Video skills, according to the survey, are rapidly catching up with general social media skills when it comes to sought-after skillsets.

Video marketing is inevitably becoming an ‘arms race’ in terms of online marketing. The survey also reported that a third of SMEs believed they were behind their competitors when it comes to using video as an effective marketing tool.

DIY or Professional Video Production?

But while most companies and organisations agree that video is highly desirable, many face an obvious dilemma; should they try to produce their own video content, or hire a video production company to do it for them?

There’s no easy, one size fits all answer. Factors will typically include;

  • Cost. Is it more expensive to hire professionals, or give the job to a new recruit?
  • Quality. If the job’s done internally, will the results be amateur and disappointing? Will it be a case of buy cheaply; buy twice!

These factors in turn may rest on other considerations; what is your goal in producing a video? Furthermore who is your target audience? (will your audience be put off by amateur looking video, or will they accept it?) What sort of video are you trying to create?

Form v Content; Context is King

For example I’ve seen (and used) excellent amateur videos made by tradesmen showing viewers how to plumb in a washing machine, lay tiles, wire light sockets etc. Production values weren’t great, but the value of the content outweighed the poor lighting and slightly dodgy camera work.

On the other hand I’ve also seen (and used) excellent professional video showing much the same thing. Obviously the professional ones looked better and showed things more clearly, but when I’m in a hurry and stressing because my washing machine is leaking; flashy production values are not the main priority.

In addition I’ve seen videos by a so-called ‘professional’ marketer which were filmed on his laptop with terrible lighting and almost impossible to hear audio quality. In this context, sloppy, poor quality video production really undermined his credibility as a content marketing guru.

Obviously if you do want professional help from our ex BBC and ITV trained film makers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

More details about the survey concerning SMEs using professional video and amateur video content here.


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